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It Is For Freedom Prayer Journal: A Five Minute Gratitude and Prayer Journal (Paperback)

It Is For Freedom Prayer Journal: A Five Minute Gratitude and Prayer Journal (Paperback)

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It Is For Freedom Prayer Journal: A Five Minute Gratitude and Prayer Journal 

It Is For Freedom That He Set Me Free Gratitude and Prayer Journal contains a prayer guide that includes scripture verses, accompanying stories, and journaling prompts to seek the heart of God. It engages and encourages the writer to wholeheartedly seek God and gives an easy to follow process as to how to pray. A key goal of this journal is to help the writer walk into freedom in areas of life where difficulties are being experienced. This is a 5 minute journal, with the potential to expand the time and journal content if the writer chooses.

This easy-to-use notebook is organized to help maintain the discipline of daily prayer and walk towards a closer relationship with Jesus and God the Father. It starts with a clear explanation of how the journal is to be used, and then opens into three daily prayer focuses.

This guided journal is organized with three daily focuses:

Gratitude- practicing daily gratitude is such a powerful way to enter the presence of God. This journal will help the writer develop a habit of giving thanks, and start looking for life's blessings on a daily basis.

Prayer Requests- the writer is encouraged to write out requests. Some examples; one may use it as a dream journal, asking God for specific heart dreams. Some may have an anxiety in which they are requesting the help of God.

What is God Saying? -this is a truly unique part of the journal where the writer is encouraged to ask God what He is saying and then write it down. Often prayer seems as though it is a one way communication; this journal guides the writer through both speaking to and hearing from God.

This daily journal features:

  • Beautiful and sturdy premium hard cover
  • Over 150 pages of journaling. There are more than enough pages for 66 days of consecutive journalling (2 pages per day). The journal is intentionally formatted this way as research shows that 66 days is the time required to create a solid habit in one’s life.
  • A space to write the journal entry date
  • Numbered pages to allow the writer to observe the development and progression of prayers
  • Practical layout and format
  • The spiritual practice of daily prayer
  • Can be used for daily devotional time with the Lord
  • Bringing personal dreams or visions to God in prayer request section
  • The journal itself does not specify a specific gender and can be used by both men and women

Who is this inspirational journal perfect for? This can serve as a men’s journal, a Christian journal for women, a journal for teens or for mom; truly a prayer tool for anyone seeking to get closer to God. It’s the perfect gift for the Christian men in your world, or can be Christian gifts for women who has everything. Giving this gift is also the perfect way to show gratitude to the person you are sharing it with.

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